• Participation in the 160 km, 125 km, 80 km or 45 km challenge in a secure environment within the event’s structure and organisation
  • Refreshments on the course
  • A technical cycling jersey valued at $90
  • Participants’ lunch on-site at the Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant finish line
  • Access to the Crossroads Tremblant festival throughout the weekend (registration for paid activities not included)


  • Event organized in a secure environment with police escort and partially closed roads​
  • Timing chip
  • Mechanical assistance – mobile teams
  • First aid – mobile teams
  • ‘Broom Wagon’ – support to participants and transportation to the finish line for those who cannot finish the course
  • Sanitary services on the course


  • All participants will be given a timing chip to track the overall individual times.
  • Timed zones will offer a non-competitive ranking to those who are interested (except the 45 km).


Are there discounts on accommodations for participants?

Yes, some hotels are offering discounts. See the Book Your Accommodation section of our website for details.

Is there more than one course?

Yes, there are four different courses: the Super Fondo (160 km), the Gran Fondo (125 km), the Medio Fondo (80 km) and the Molo Fondo (45 km). Each course has different peloton speeds. See the Courses section on the website for full details.

Are public roads closed during the Gran Fondo?

Yes. All roads used by participants will be closed, and the pelotons will have a police escort.

Are the pelotons closed and speed-regulated?

Yes, all pelotons have a police escort, as well as one vehicle ahead of and one behind the pack, and ride officials to control average speed throughout the course. There is also a sweep van to take care of dropouts, mechanical issues or injuries.

How can I determine my average speed and choose the peloton that’s right for me?

As a rule, you can add 5 km/hr to your average speed when riding with a pack and taking full advantage of drafting. For example: if your average speed over a distance of 80 km is 22 km/hr, you can sign up for the 26 km/hr or 27 km/hr peloton.

Can I change pelotons once I’ve registered?

Yes, you may do so until May 24, 2019 by going into your account or make the change in person when you sign in.

What time does the event start?

The first departure is at 7:30 a.m. The complete schedule will be available in early May and added to the Schedule section of our website.

Can I exchange my jersey if the one I was given is the wrong size?

Yes, there will be a table for exchanges. Exchanges will be possible only while quantities last.

Can I leave a bag of personal effects at the starting line and retrieve it when I’m done?

Yes, you can leave a bag on the morning of the event, starting at 7:00 a.m., at the official Gran Fondo boutique near the departure area. Be sure you identify the bag with your name, peloton number, and distance.

Can I change pelotons during the event?

You may switch to a slower peloton during breaks at fuel stops.

What products will I find at the fuel stops?

Energy drinks, water, fruit, and sanitary facilities. Each course has a fuel stop located around the halfway point. The Super Fondo (160 km) has two. Make sure you have enough water and food before the start of your event.

Are fuel stops mandatary, and how long are the breaks?

All participants must observe fuel stops and the breaks are a maximum of 15 minutes.